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So I decided to paint my kitchen floors white (I’ll let you know later if I regret this decision).

There’s not a lot to show… it’s just white-painted floors. But in the same 24 hour period, I also painted the lower cabinets in the kitchen black. So our kitchen is shaping up!

To my own surprise, I am LOVING the black cabinets.

Here’s a refresher – this was our kitchen a few days ago:



I spent a few hours spread out over a Sunday painting the lower cabinets black (we used Benjamin Moore’s Onyx). Honestly, I just wanted something different, and knowing that we plan on tearing these cabinets out completely (hopefully sooner rather than later), I figured I would give this whole two-tone (tuxedo?) cabinet look a try. I know, very 2012 of me.





I was very fast and loose with my painting. I didn’t really prep the cabinets, other than a scrub down to remove grease and grime (it’s the kitchen, after all). Warning – this is a case of “do as I say, not as I do”. If you want your cabinet paint job to last, I would highly encourage: 1) proper prep work (sanding / de-glossing), 2) a bonding primer (we’ve had great luck with Stix), and 3) a cabinet-grade paint. We did this the right way in our last house, and it held up well while we lived there.

In this case, I did no prep work, did not prime, and used Benjamin Moore “Ben” line paint in semi-gloss. I wasn’t concerned about doing it right because, again, we don’t plan on keeping these cabinets around for much longer – a year or two, at most (we hope).



I honestly love it way more than I was expecting. Black hasn’t really been a go-to color for me (at least in my home), but I see now that I was wrong.

Concerns about such a dark color in a small room did occur to me – I was worried about whether or not it will suck the light out of the room. But whatever the reason – the white floors, the high contrast of the black cabinets, whatever – the kitchen honestly looks bigger and brighter than ever.




We got the Ikea Nornas sideboard unit to add some storage along the back wall (where we had a pile of junk a few short weeks ago). It comes in unfinished pine, but I painted it in the same BM Onyx color that I used on the lower cabinets (and yes – that is a sample can of color in the photo above – I used it up as a sort of “primer” / first coat, since dark paint colors take a few coats before they have full coverage).



We put the sideboard into it’s new home, to help us decide if we want to paint the walls white (and just keep the kitchen white + black), or put a color on it (in the photo above, we were testing out a pale yellow-green – it’s a little blown out). I’m still not sure which way to go. Also, every time I post a picture of that back wall with my filthy unorganized shelves, I cringe a little. Hopefully this is the last time.

You can also see the white floors. To be completely honest, it’s almost blindingly white. Great for the lightness of the room, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t worried about how dirty it will get. Only time will tell. We went with Benjamin Moore’s Mascarpone – it’s a very warm, creamy white, so I’m surprised at how white-white it looks, both in real life and in photos. We used BM’s Floor & Patio paint, and it was a breeze to apply. Now we’ll see how it wears.  (UPDATE 1 YEAR LATER: It did not wear well)




We only filled in the major dings / holes in the floor before painting, leaving a good number of divots and nail holes. My rationale was that a painted floor is a fairly rustic / old-school look to begin with, so it would look better with slightly dinged up floors. Also, laziness. But I like the worn-in look (truly, I’m not just rationalizing my laziness to myself…. this time, at least).

Now we just need to install new baseboard (thank god the maroon restaurant-kitchen linoleum baseboard is gone) & paint the walls, and our mini kitchen renovation will be complete!

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