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Normally I write on this blog about homeowner-y things. When I started it, I felt like the blog needed to be about something, and since I spent most of my hobby time doing DIY things around the house, a “DIY blog” made sense.

Lately, though, I’ve been spending a lot of my free time making other things, like garments. Before this year, I had never operated a sewing machine, and it has been a fun skill to pick up, although admitted I’ve got a LOT more to learn.

But I made something this weekend that I’m pretty proud of, so I wanted to show it off. It is far from perfect (which is really clear in photographs), but I’m pleased enough that I pulled out the tripod and took photos of myself (yes, I felt like a moron the whole time).

This is the pattern:

McCall’s 7115 | Misses’ Romper and Dress


I’m am such a novice to sewing that I didn’t really pay attention to the size measurements when I picked up the pattern. I saw that the XSM – SML – MED  copy covered sizes 4-14 and figured that would cover me. But when I read the actual inch measurements, I realized I might need to add a bit to the bust, so for the first time in my short sewing career, I made up a muslin first.

I ended up adding an inch to just the front bodice piece, and also three inches to the torso. That seemed strange, because I am not long-torsoed at all, but there was no doubt once I put the muslin on that I needed more length from shoulder to crotch. It was NOT doing good things for me. Three inches might have been more than necessary, but I don’t have much in the way of a waist to highlight, anyway, so I figured that making the silhouette more drop-waisted wouldn’t hurt anything.

P1110281 P1110282


Once I got the pattern adjustments worked out, sewing the whole thing up was surprisingly easy. After about an hour and a half, I was already to the button-adding phase.

This is only the 6th or so garment I’ve made, and I’ve purposefully avoided patterns with any type of closure (button, zipper, etc), because in my mind it seemed like a very challenging thing to do. But I learned that, much like sewing in general, it seems harder than it actually is; (I had sat down at my grandmother’s machine many times over the years that I’ve owned it, only to get up 2 minutes later because I couldn’t figure out how to thread the damn thing. Turns out a quick class was all the boost I needed to realize “hey, this is pretty easy.”)

An amazing thing about the modern era? Sewing machines can do pretty much everything for you. WOAH! Did you know that you can just put a special foot on, and BAM instant button hole (it will even sew the button, too!). IT TOTALLY CAN DO THIS FOR YOU. (Yes, I really was this excited when I figured it out). And I don’t even have a fancy machine, just a modern one.


It wasn’t quite as easy as just pushing a button, but it was close. Very close.

In any case, before I knew what had happened, I was strutting around the house in my new romper, feeling obnoxiously pleased with myself.

Perhaps some of that obnoxiousness comes through in the photos:


Also, look…. I know it’s douchey to wear sunglasses inside, but I wasn’t wearing any makeup and these photos were going on the internet, so allowances must be made. Also also… I got a new tattoo. Hi, mom!

I took off the shades just long enough, but no looking directly into the camera.


It’s not always fun to admit, but photos do tell the truth about fit…. and while I feel like the romper fits well when I look in the mirror, the photos definitely show that it’s still a bit tight around the chest. Part of the pulling in the bust area is (I believe) due to crooked button & button-hole placement, but it’s also pulling because I need a bit more room. That’s also obvious from the rear view:


I am really an EXTREME novice (I don’t even have 6 months of sewing experience under my belt), so there’s probably some other fit issues going on that can be fixed. There is definitely something up with the back, I just don’t know what it is. But I’ll figure it out, one day. I’m nothing if not a good student.


And finally, I will admit…. yes, I aimed a fan at myself when taking these photos. I could make up some excuses about how it was 80 degrees and we don’t have central air and the fan was on anyway – this is all true. But I also just wanted the experience of photographing myself with a wind machine. And it was great.

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