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For most people, homeownership means a slow and steady course towards your vision (unless you’re able to count “too much money” as one of your problems, in which case — shoot me an email).

So this is our list of wants / needs / dreams with regards to our current house, with the full understanding that it will take years to accomplish (and maybe some we’ll never achieve at all)

1st Floor:


Although it didn’t look too bad in the before photos, in real life the kitchen is mostly original to the house and  in rough shape. A down-to-the-studs job is the plan, and after two years of living in the house & saving up as much as we could, we’re planning on:

  • New appliances (refrigerator, dishwasher, oven / range) CHECK!
  • New cabinets (the old ones are original and not really salvageable (although we’ll save what we can for other floors)
  • Replace flooring (there’s at least two layers of flooring there now, possibly more) CHECK! See how we did it here
  • Re-configure layout, including possibly closing off the door to the patio CHECK! See it here
  • Mini-reno to tide us over until we can afford the real deal Partial credit – we did paint the cabinets and the floor, to limited success

Living Room

We’re filling it up fairly well, but it’s still an awkward space – a giant L makes up the living room and dining room, but the placement of the fireplace and front door constrain the types of furniture layouts we could work with. We’d like to:

  • Replace the tile on the fireplace
  • Add some electrical: a ceiling fixture or ceiling fan, a few new outlets, including a strategically placed one in the floor?
  • Refinish the hardwood floors (darker or lighter? unsure, but we don’t like the current tone)
  • Build shelving in the otherwise “dead space” to the left of the fireplace CHECK!
  • Build a custom desk (live-edge plank top, perhaps?) to carve out a workable “office” area in the corner CHECK! See the results
  • Replace the current rug with a larger option?
  • Replace coffee table with something more appropriately sized

Dining Room

There’s nothing going on in here – just a dining-table-turned-desk-turned-dining-table-again and some sweet chairs (which may or may not even go with the table) that I picked up during the end-of-year Room & Board sale . But I’d like to make it more useful:

  • Replace ceiling light with chandelier CHECK!
  • Possibly get a new table / chairs / both
  • Add a carpet
  • Build a bar / bar cart in the corning
  • (As part of kitchen remodel, possibly) Expand door to patio into french doors.


1.5th Floor (yes, I made that level up)

Master Bedroom

It’s not in need of much – just storage and organization. We need to figure out a way to maximize clothes storage so I stop finding creative places to stash my threads. And maybe we’ll spruce up the bedding some more. 

  • Replace current closet door (with…. sliding “barn” door? curtains?) CHECK – curtain it is
  • Replace legs on Ikea leather chair (they were lost sometime between the two moves we had in the span of 7 months) CHECK
  • Find another storage system! (custom build-out of closet? More dressers? Less clothes?)


The project that dragged on forever… we tackled this before moving in to the house, since it’s the only bathroom. It remained at about 90% complete for over a year (we needed to put up the trim), and we haven’t taken proper “after” photos. 

Here are a series of (too many) posts chronicling every painful step of the way (but literally… the steps were painful. I broke my foot early on in the process… ouch!)

Bathroom Remodel: Planning

Bathroom Remodel: Day 1 & 2

Bathroom Remodel: Day 3 & 4

Bathroom Remodel: Days 5 & ??? (Week 1 recap)

Bathroom Remodel: Week 2 Recap

Bathroom Remodel: Hiring Out (Or, Week 2.5 Recap)

Bathroom Remodel: Week 3 Recap

Bathroom Remodel: Week(end) 3 Recap

Bathroom Remodel: A Rant (and beginning Week 4)

Bathroom Remodel: Week 4 Recap

Bathroom Remodel: Regrets

Bathroom Remodel: Week(end) 4.5 Recap

Bathroom Remodel: Week 5 Recap (Inching towards the finish line)

Bathroom Remodel: Week 6+

Bathroom Remodel: Month 2

Bathroom Remodel: Building a vanity drawer

Bathroom Remodel: Minor Progress

…… but seriously, why did I write so many posts about this? I guess I just needed somewhere to vent!


Boy’s Bedroom

Probably the most complete room in the house at the moment, we completed our first-ever wallpaper installation, and combined with a paint job on the rest of the walls and some new furniture – bam! We’ve got a finished room for Jack. But given that babies grow into toddlers and then into children, I’m assuming his preferences will appear and then change again, so we’ll see a steady stream of evolution in this room. 


2nd Floor [TBD]

Guest Bedroom

“Playroom” (Storage room)

2nd Bathroom (Does not exist)


Below-Grade Floor: [TBD]


We’ll never be using this as a garage to store cars (weather in the Pacific Northwest isn’t cold enough to need to have an inside home for the vehicles over the winter, plus it’s too small to get our larger car in there). We would like to have this set up as a functional shop / storage area

“Bonus Room” / Laundry Room

This room is being used as the “lady cave” at the moment (best. euphemism. ever.), housing Kelley’s worrying horde of craft , Lego, & sewing supplies, plus the laundry.

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