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After a month of (what felt like) non-stop bathroom renovation, there’s certainly a lot of improvement going on inside the house. It’s becoming nicer, by probably any standards, every single day. But the change I’m happiest with at the moment?


YES! New exterior paint colors
YES! New exterior paint colors

Just a refresher – when we bought the house, it looked like this:

Our new house
Our new house

Yes, I could have waited until the yard waste was picked up. And I’m ashamed (actually, no, I’m not) to admit that the bathtub is still sitting in our driveway. So yeah…. I could have cleaned up for the photo a bit. But I was just SO DAMN HAPPY with the new color that I had to photograph it. At the time of the photograph it wasn’t 100% finished – you can see that the window sashes and muntin bars are still brown. And yes, I had to google what those window parts were called to come up with the phrase “muntin bar”.

Let’s look at it again:

YES! New exterior paint colors
YES! New exterior paint colors

I am so happy. Something that wasn’t part of my consideration when picking out colors was the landscaping (maybe it should have been). But I was so shocked to see how much more it pops against the navy. The previous owners spent some good money getting that front yard professionally landscaped, and it’s awesome, but I didn’t realize how much MORE awesome it would look when contrasted with the house. Before the drab brown just blended in, and made the yard look … eh. I don’t even have a word for it. That’s how underwhelming it was.

Our house isn’t huge, so the exterior paint job “only” cost us about $3,400. Yes, expensive (although from what I can tell it’s pretty reasonable of a price). If we hadn’t impulse-decided to do it right after settlement, we may never have gotten around to doing it. I can’t say that I ever have a spare $3,400 laying around to spend on paint, except when I’m already hemorrhaging cash from buying a house, apparently. But even at a cost, from where I sit right now it is hands-down the best investment into a house I’ve ever made (even counting the bathroom on this house, but I might be biased against it because it’s not finished yet). We’ve had so many neighbors come over to complement us on it, and express their own enthusiasm over the change. Hell, it probably matters more to them because they can see it from their own houses.

Here’s a comparison of the back of the house before and after:



New exterior paint - view from the rear
New exterior paint – view from the rear

Admittedly the yard is a little worse for the wear… but we’ll get around to tending that. Maybe. Hopefully.

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